Tips on Packing for College, From Carrie Filion ’19

I am about to say the words that most parents and guardians dread hearing: believe it or not, it is possible to pack too little for college. Speaking from experience, an empty, under-decorated room is a very sad room. While minimalist packing and bringing only the essentials is nice, it doesn’t exactly create a room environment that you’d want to spend a year in. Keep in mind that your dorm is your new home: make it yours! Personalize it – bring things that may not be necessary, but are pretty and make you smile. If saving space is your style, consider flags or tapestries that can be folded into compact spaces. Don’t forget to bring a light or two, as it can get dark without the natural lighting, and the right lights can transform a space and your mood!

–Carrie Filion ‘19