Metacognition and the Transition to College

Metacognition and the Transition to College (GNST B048) is an alternative pathway to fulfill your Wellness requirement.  Unlike the THRIVE Seminar (the traditional way to fulfill your Wellness Requirement) that meets only for the first 10 weeks of the semester, this class will meet twice a week for the full semester.  In addition to earning 2 Physical Education (PE) credits, students in this class will also earn 0.5 academic credits while using metacognition (a fancy term for learning about your own learning) to bring out their best selves in and out of the classroom.  The seminar will be a small, inquiry-based course that will promote and encourage intellectual confidence by developing student success tactics including critical thinking, written and oral communication, research skills, self-reflection, and self-regulation – all while addressing larger questions of justice, identity, and community.  First-year students will have an opportunity to preregister for this course starting when preregistration opens on August 3rd.  Simply search for the course under the General Studies subject in the drop down list.