The Resiliency Project Experience: A Note from Amana Abdurrezak ’19

For me, the Resiliency Project gave me something to laugh at during the first few weeks, when I was feeling a bit homesick and unsure about college. TED Talks are such a fun way to learn (not to mention easy: just sit and listen), and the articles gave a little insight into what to expect in the upcoming months.
In my “Letter to Myself”, I gave myself a little pep talk, inserted a picture of Shia Lebouf’s “Just Do It” meme, and linked in a couple of my favorite YouTube videos at the time. In October, when I started feeling a little stressed out, I was surprised by just how much I needed that pick-me-up. You know yourself best, so have fun with the Letter! It’s for your eyes only anyway.

–Amana Abdurrezak ‘19