The Dining Halls at Bryn Mawr, from Ren Freeman ’19

The Bryn Mawr Dining Halls are known for their delicious food. There are two main dining halls at Bryn Mawr: Erdman and Haffner. Being someone who works in the kitchen at Haffner, I can assure you that for people with food allergies or restrictions, many precautions are made to ensure the food safety. All the kitchen workers are required to wear gloves when handling food and change gloves every time they are handling a different food, and the kitchen spaces are constantly cleaned. Each food is labeled and has a list of possible allergy information (e.g: “Contains: nuts, dairy, wheat”). Both dining halls have a lot of vegetarian options. Examples of what the dining halls have to offer is listed as such. Erdman has pizza, a panini maker, salad bar and deli station, soups, ice cream, fresh fruit, various beverage machines, and more. Haffner also has pizza (but more variety of pizzas), toaster ovens, soup, salad bar, ethnic foods that switch around once or twice a semester, a milkshake maker, fresh fruit, beverage machines, and more. Oh, and both also have four types of water to choose from – bubbly, cold, ambient, and infused! If you ever have a question about what a food contains, just ask a worker and they will get the list of ingredients.